Favorite Authors of Rakarath

Barbara Moore
Latest book: Nordic Peril.
Published March 28, 2023.
James Darwin
Latest book: Against All Odds - A Gilded Age Romance.
Published March 23, 2022.
Ken Gervase
Latest book: The Rod Unspared.
Published January 17, 2018.
JM Sauvage
Latest book: Unorthodox Therapy II - Elena Learns a Lesson.
Published April 16, 2023.
Lia Anderssen
Latest book: Desires Unlmited.
Published April 16, 2023.
Diana Philbrick
Latest book: First Mistress of Xor.
Published November 3, 2023.
W.L. Dowd
Latest book: Auction Island.
Published June 13, 2023.
S.M. Ackerman
Latest book: Dominated.
Published March 21, 2022.
David Anjou
Latest book: Slaves of the S'sith.
Published October 18, 2023.