Favorite Authors of rvdl

Alice Dockery
Latest book: Regressed in Space.
Published July 19, 2017.
Alyson Belle
Latest book: Fembot-fabrik.
Published August 12, 2022.
Amy Estes
Latest book: Rocker to Groupie.
Published May 8, 2018.
Apryl Galanta
Latest book: Curing Adulthood.
Published May 21, 2018.
August D. Adams
Latest book: Undercover Best Friend: A Tale of Age Regression.
Published June 22, 2018. (5.00 from 2 reviews)
Carly Sweetin
Latest book: Changed into a Woman Collection.
Published May 20, 2017.
Choker Guy
Latest book: Assexly Line.
Published December 18, 2021.
Cindel Sabante
Latest book: Becoming Her Baby Boy (ABDL Age Play).
Published July 22, 2015.