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Smashwords book reviews by Jay Stern

  • Muscle Therapy: Curing My Muscle Worship Addiction on Jan. 19, 2019

    I had purchased the authors first book since i am a fan of FBBs and FBB themed literature and was excited to read this book as well. The first book is very good and I suguested you read it. I wish I could post a review for that one but I bought it from a different bookseller. This book tracks Kyle as he is outed for his love of muscular women at work and must go on a journey of self discovery to find the root of his fetish. The book does a really good job of tracking Kyle as he goes to Vegas and indulges in a scene of muscle worship with a top FBB and then meets Josie a muscular single mom as they strike up a relationship. Along the way Kyle begins attending therapy for his addiction to female muscle and meets Kristy a championship FBB who forces him to live every schmoes greatest dream and worst nightmare as she plunges herself in a quest to get even more massive. The writing was very good and in depth and the writers really have a way of adding small details to make you feel as if you are experiencing what the character is going through. Also because this is written by a husband and wife team and the wife is a lifter as well the female characters are very well fleshed out which is a nice contrast to the usual literature of this sort. Overall very good and I am highly looking forward to any future works by these authors!
  • Backstories: A Companion to Muscle Love & Muscle Therapy on Feb. 19, 2019

    This is the third book that I’ve read by this couple. And like the previous ones this is very good. It acts as a bridge between the authors first two books providing a backstory to the FBBs that are depicted in them. This was a good format which would allow you to jump around and follow your favorite girl as she grew like it was a series of short stories or read it front to back. I jumped around at first but eventually settled on reading it start to finish. The stories do a great job of getting into the psychology behind why these women decide to build these extraordinary bodies. Besides Kristy, the FBB from Muscle Therapy, whose size was never good enough for her and was driven to get bigger and bigger I also really enjoyed the stories focusing on Mel and Richard the characters from the authors first books. These are very simple stories of the day to day lives of what its like living with a women whose dedicated to being strong. The author does a great job of putting you into these situations and one of my favorites involved the simple story of what happened when Mel accompanied Richard to his job and upstaged him by showcasing her muscular body. It was very sweet and true… but at the same time hot. I do think the fact that these authors act as a husband and wife team and are involved in lifting themselves adds a level of reality to these stories that often puts them over other writers of this type of literature. As I stated before this is the third book from them that I have read and continue to be impressed and am excited to see their next works. I would recommend this work to fans of realistic FBB stories. These stories are very grounded and do not go into the realms of some of the more extreme fantasy type muscle stories.
  • Built: Making the Most Muscular Woman on July 18, 2019

    This is the fourth book I've purchased from these authors and although I love their first book, this one has quickly become my favorite and also very quickly become perhaps my favorite muscle story ever. The story follows Drew a man who loves muscular women. After his wife passes away he's given a mysterious serum which builds muscle beyond anyones wildest dreams. When he meets Lizzie a shy woman the two quickly begin a relationship. With Lizzie's past she seeks to get stronger and Drew helps her by facilitating her with the serum... and that is where the fun starts and man is the journey amazing. Lizzie sets out not just with the goal to build muscle but to become the most muscular woman in the world. Dedicating herself to hours of grueling working out as Drew soon wonders as she becomes more and more dominent if he is truly living out his wildest fantasy ofr if he's created a monster. The telling of this book is truly fantastic each chapter charting Lizzie's growth stands as its own set piece with the description level being some of best writing ive seen in these kind of stories. Drew and Lizzie strike up a deal, he will be the man outside the house, but she will be completely dominent in the bedroom. All of this leads to some amazing scenes as Lizzie comes into her own realizing she's fast becoming strong, strongest women alive and can easily over power Drew. Another aspect I loved is how the story also approaches their life outside the bedroom as it tracks the day to day life of what it would be like living with a woman like this and being seen in public with her. In fact my two favorite chapters are where Lizzie attends a school play in a drop dead outfit becoming the talk of the night and when she accompanies Drew to his high school reunion and is confronted by a closet schmoe whom she soon teaches a lesson too. To add to this the characters are fully formed and human and you really root for both of them to find happiness. Again this is truly a remarkable book and i give it my highest rating!
  • Torture Muscle on Oct. 14, 2019

    Im a fan of this authors work. To me his last book Built is pretty much close to the perfect FBB muscle novel and probably the best long form thing ive ever read in the genre. This book is a great follow up and has a different tone. Definitely more for the hardcore fan of fem muscle growth stories won't be let down. Also the writer has an amazing eye for description as well as character development that is often missing from these types of stories where it feels as if they are just a list of different acts committed by the character. Greye actually takes time to create fully fleshed out characters and worlds which makes the writing even more vivid. A really stand out work!
  • Stealing Muscle on Jan. 20, 2020

    Ive been a big fan of Richard Greye’s writing for a while going back to his first book and to me his book release last year Built remains in my mind probably the gold standard of long form female muscle stories. I was excited to see this latest release is a compilation which gives you a chance to read a variety of different takes on the theme by different authors. A bit like a tasting menu some of the courses you’d like more of but I’d say all bring their A-Game and really embrace the theme of the book ‘stealing muscle.’ Finishing off the collection the novella ‘Stealing Muscle’ by the author is a worthy finale to the collection and really puts Greye as one of the premier writers of this genre. Very few writers are able to capture the subtly of character while perfectly mixing them with hot muscle action.
  • Virtual Reality Muscle on April 19, 2020

    It took me a little time to get to reading this book because I have to admit that the premise didn’t exactly seem like it was going to be my thing. But I have loved all of the authors other work so I gave a shot… and wow! Am I glad I did! The book was a pleasant surprise and can say it currently ranks as my 2nd favorite work by him (sorry to me Built is a masterpiece and still hold #1 but #2 isn’t bad either.) The book follows Mark who realizes he loves muscle from a young age and charts his encounters with different women in his life. Where the book really shines is in the writers ability to not only describe a scene with such amazing depth that the reader feels as if they themselves are wearing VR headset, but also what their characters are going through with such psychological insight that the illusion you are in the characters head witnessing these encounters first hand feels completely real. And don’t worry muscle fans – the authors don’t fail to disappoint as Mark goes from muscle encounter to muscle encounter until meeting the ‘final boss’ Mia, his childhood crush who who has taken her love of building muscle to the extreme. Now Mark will have to choose if its worth it to persue his greatest desire. Another great work for fans of fem muscle. BRAVO!
  • Hard at Work: Women with Muscles on July 26, 2020

    Always excited when Richard Greye releases a book. This is very similar to the effort of the earlier collection Stealing Muscle with a variety of different writers chipping in efforts. Although the writing is of different styles the overall level is very high with a variety of different writers turning in good work. Overall a very fun effort which gives the readers a variety of different takes on the common theme.