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Gia Scott was born, just like everyone else, but she also was born to a family that included politicians, used car dealers, and horse traders. Along with that illustrious lineage, she was related to vaudeville performers, horse trainers, cowboys, entrepreneurs, teachers, and preachers. With such diversity surrounding her from childhood, she still managed to grow up and develop a deep love of books. It was only natural that along the way, she would write them too. The Survivors: The Time of Chaos is her first published novel. More will undoubtedly follow. Freak Files: The Unexplained Tales is a collection of stories believed to be true to life.
After decades of experimental cooking, much to her family’s chagrin (after all, the family is inflicted with the less-than-wonderful versions that never see print!) Gia began writing food articles and a food blog. It was inevitable that cookbooks would follow.
Other titles include:
All Chocolate—Easy & Economical Recipes Anyone Can Make At Home
55 Fantastic Fudges
The All American Biscuit
56+ Marvelous Homemade Mixes
55 Frightfully Fun Foods
A Home Style Thanksgiving
At Grandma’s Stove
The Poverty Perspective Cookbook: Recipes for Rock Bottom Budgets
My Precious Cookbook
Dips and Spreads
A B C Muffins
The Big Book of A-Z Muffins
Most titles are available in both print and digital editions. In addition to these books, she has written several camping titles, including the following:
Easy Breezy Family Camping Cookbook
Camping With Kids: A Parent’s Handbook
The Big Book of Camp Cooking
The Big Book of Camping Hacks, Hints, and Help.
Gia has also written a basic emergency preparation guide called Being Prepared Without Being A Kook. This is a manual for those who are striving for general preparedness in our uncertain world.
Today, after many incarnations along the way, Gia Scott lives in Mississippi with her husband, three dogs, and two cats in a funny little house surrounded by very big and gnarly trees.
Having reached that age of privilege, she can often be found in her garden, wearing peculiar clothes and tending her plants. When she can talk her husband into it, they enjoy going for road trips, looking for the elusive town of New Hope or on camping trips with friends and family. In between road trips and gardening, she manages to fit in an internet radio talk show called the Dawn of Shades, interviewing a variety of people, including other authors, and promoting causes dear to her heart.
In addition to all of that, she still maintains blogs on general topics, cooking & food, and camping, emergency preparedness & outdoors activities. She also helps with content for websites. With all of that, she still does a lot of other things, including making soap, sewing, crafts, and even playing with her granddaughter. She is currently revisiting Barbie dolls, baby dolls, tricycles, bicycles, and letting her inner child come out to play.

Smashwords Interview

What do your fans mean to you?
Without fans, there is little point in writing. After all, fans are what it is all about and the audience that I am sharing the story or skill with. I really have a great day when I receive an email from a fan as well.
What is your writing process?
Mine isn't a great mystery. I sit down at the computer and start to type. I make jokes about being the hyper typer or being one with my keyboard, which almost never has any letters on it anymore. (Only new keyboards have letters, I must have some very abrasive fingertips!)
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