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    Olivia Waterhouse has a promising career ahead of her, a twin sister who she shares an inseperable bond, and great friends. Shortly after kicking her cheating ex boyfriend to the curb, she begins to have dreams of a tall, dark and handsome man with golden eyes. The dreams are unsettling and she's not sure what to make of them. She begins to question herself as everything she dreams feels so real. She feels like there's a connection and as if second guessing herself wasn't hard enough she then finds herself being drafted to be a bride for an alien race. Baird is a beast kindred. He's a huge alien warrior who recently escaped imprisionment with the strength and longing to be with the one he's destined for, Olivia Waterhouse. They've shared their minds and connected so he knows that no other in the universe is for him, but her and he's determined to make her his bride. Liv is reluctant to his advances and tries to distance herself from the unknown. She convinces herself that she's better off returning to earth, her sister and her career. Her mind tells her one thing, while her heart says another. He worships her and pledge's his undying devotion and love, but it takes a dangerous enemy and an almost near death encounter before Liv finally realizes that love is worth the fight to face her fears, and Baird is the answer to her happiness. This novel hooked me right from the beginning. It has a unique plotline with many unsuspecting twists that intrigued me to want to know what happens next. The bonds between Baird and Olivia are what every woman longs for, and the seduction scenes are really sizzling. I would definately recommend this read, and can honestly say that I'm looking forward to reading the sequel.