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  • Rope Enough - The Romney and Marsh Files #1 on July 28, 2013

    absolutely flamin' fabulous .... a 'can't put it down' rollercoaster of a book. excellent.
  • Two Birds (A Short Mystery) on Aug. 20, 2013

    very clever ............
  • Two Birds (A Short Mystery) on Aug. 20, 2013

    very clever ............
  • 314 on Aug. 23, 2013

    7/8ths of the story is rivetting - then it becomes so converluted as to make it difficult to follow - but i hung in there ..... only to discover that it was 'continued' .... with ... you guessed it ...... a 2nd part which had to be purchased. for all future reads i'll be checking that its either a complete story or that any '2nd part' is also free. can't say i feel robbed as the first book was free - but i do feel cheated. had i known it was in two parts with a charge for the second book - then i wouldn't have entertained reading the first ... or was that the whole idea?
  • The Ghost House of Main Street on Dec. 22, 2013

    badly written withdaft plot
  • Daddy's Little Killer on June 16, 2014

    this is one brilliant book from start to finish ... including the middle. couldn't put it down. days of sat reading till early morning the next day ... if you enjoy having your sences take a rocky rollercoaster ride ... then read this .............
  • Love Hurts on July 12, 2014

    love the writing style - and the fact you're told upfront that the book has no ending - I hate books with no ending and yet I read it ..... and am happy that I did. more stories author please?
  • Love Hurts on July 12, 2014

    CeriElinAnwen - thanks a bunch for giving the plot away - i read your review when I was a third of the way through this very enjoyable, yet odd story - now you have to go and spoil it by commenting on; 'Supernatural or human nature ?' A third of the way through this book gives no hint at the supernatural - thanks again for spoiling it ......... that's not how to review a book !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Knights of Babylon on July 15, 2014

    dreadful spellings, didn't know which; their, there, they're to use. completely wrong words used. words missed out. jumbled sentences. I made it through to page 28 and gave up - the author obviously hadn't bothered to read the book before offering it up. Is it because the author didn't think it was worth reading once finished .... on that basis I would agree .... whoever left five stars is easily pleased .... his review name is obviously a description of his IQ.
  • Alice...forever bad on Sep. 25, 2014

    JUST SO YOU KNOW .... BEFORE YOU WASTE YOUR TIME READING THIS .... IT HAS NO END IT HA NO NOWHERE NEAR THE END SO, um, what happened to the rest of the story ... it was OK as far as it got, but you can't just end a book mid story .... can you? very bizzar, very, very freeking annoying, i use my time to read a flamin book without an end and no explanation .... anyone know what happened after the 'dog lay shivering in the back seat.
  • Adverse Camber on July 16, 2017

    Predictable, an ending would have been appreciated after taking the time to read it.
  • Fire In The Mind on Oct. 09, 2017

    This is a 'can't put it down ' book, so be warned! Well written, only saw one typo, story line travels along at the speed of light. I was really disappointed when the book came to its end. I thoroughly enjoyed this story which had a begging, middle and end, which is becoming a rarity these days.
  • Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper on Jan. 21, 2018

    brilliant well written book - with an excellent ending - WARNING - it's an 'I can't put it down' story.
  • Children to the Slaughter on March 21, 2018

    WARNING - WARNING This is only half the story - you have to purchase the rest of it. I wish authors would be 'up front' when they put their work online. Some do, but others, like this one, don't bother, so when you reach the 'end' - there isn't one .... unless you pay for it. I hate it when they do that. The story as far as it went, typo's and all, was good but I will always only leave 1 star for any author who fails to clearly show that it ain't the whole story you're downloading.
  • Signature on July 06, 2018

    Mistakes and Typos If there hadn't been so very many mistakes and typos I would have given 5 stars. It reads like it has never ever been proof read. You simply cannot proof read your own work as you only see what you believe you've written - and not what you've actually written which is often full of errors, which is the case with this book - very sad really as the story is a good read with, I suspect, a follow on story. Note to author - if you're stuck for a proof reader - and your next book is as good as this one - I will gladly proof read it for you!
  • Flight of the Mariner on July 06, 2018

    Just the opening of a story. Um, an interesting beginning - but where's the rest of the story, as in, a middle and an ending?