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Smashwords book reviews by Elaine Morgan

  • Parallels on March 21, 2010

    I love your romance scenes. You should write romance novels. This is a fine piece of sci-fi, fantasy, super-power type fiction. The interaction between all the characters is so real it's like actually being there and watching these people go through their dialogue. That's your best selling point I think. Very chilling the way Tori entered that house and all that happened when her friends came to rescue her. Excellent scene at the end.
  • Rebirth of the Gods on April 06, 2010

    From the cover I thought this might be a romance story - and I was right, but not even close to what I expected with all the eroticism I discovered (I soooo love eroticism). Once more Jacob Drake has written a story of super-heroic proportions that crosses the dimensional barrier (He must not be satisfied with the world he lives in) and wreaks havoc with the new world the hero - em, maybe villain would be a better choice of words? - finds himself living in. This time we get a villain who is the protagonist, but is he really a villain? From the many rapes of innocent women he commits and the way he manipulates everyone he comes into contact with it certainly seems that way. But does he have a softer, more human side to him? Hmmm, well worth buying and reading this book to find out how it ends. Great job on Drake's part in crafting this story - start to finish. I'm impressed.
  • Forever Undead on May 29, 2010

    What a great change from all the "vegetarian" vampire fluff that's flooding the market. Finally someone who has the guts to make vampires what they are - savage bloodsuckers. I hope to see more of this author's work in this genre.
  • Dark Angel: Fallen on June 03, 2010

    Jacob Drake's latest book in the superhero offering is much different from what he's written before while still retaining a familiar flavor. I enjoyed reading Dark Angel Fallen from start to finish and hope there's a sequel in the future. Excellent progression of character development for the protagonist (Griff). having him tell his story in the first person made me feel more relaxed with him as though he was a real person I could relate to. Write more of this character and I'll be back to read it.
  • Rebirth of the Gods on June 03, 2010

    It looks like Jacob Drake has changed the cover of this book. I think this is a great move. This cover is so much better than the first one, even though it now doesn't reflect everything I said in my previous review. lol Still an excellent book and well worth the cover price to read. I'm still waiting for book number two...