Jenn Topper


Our imaginations haven’t withered with our attention spans. I don’t want to get caught decrying technology and change or else I will become exactly what I rebel against. I will stand up in a crowded room and quack like a duck to contribute to a dialogue to change minds. There is always a cause to champion or fight. Without the fight, why are we here?

I write, think and quack for my two beautiful, perfect and brilliant little boys.. It is my job to show them that they can change the world and paint it blue.

I was a professional chef. I was a boxer. I formed my own record label, and then went bankrupt. I tried to make films. I am a corporate sellout now. I wrote about these ridiculous experiences in 29 Jobs and a Million Lies. I wrote a cookbook without any recipes. I write and regularly publish articles about legal marketing, of all things.

I am not publishing any longer.


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Smashwords book reviews by Jenn Topper

  • Sweet Dream, Silver Screen on Jan. 28, 2010
    (no rating)
    Oh this is true pulp. It's accessible and seamless writing, which is so unique these days. Moxie has great talent and I hope to read much more! A story that involves mysterious beat-downs, pink Cadillacs and a joint called the Fat Man bar, a missing sister, a man in pink jeans, you have to love it. This is the real thing; take a pass on everything else that tries too hard. You've found what you're looking for.