Alberta Ames


I am a retired teacher. Have always tried writing since teenager but never finished anything. Enjoy reading, writing, yardwork, and family who live close to me. I live in a small town in Central Texas. Am divorced, no children. I travel as often as I can visiting family members in other states.

I write for my enjoyment. I think of a story, then I like to tell it to someone and that someone is you. I'm telling you the story just as though we are sitting across from each other at a kitchen table. I realize I'm not a real writer, but it is fun and maybe I'll even write something that people really like.

This is a collection of stories that have come to me. The first two are true. The others are ideas of "what-ifs" that come to me occasionally. They seemed to lend themselves to story form and insisted on giving life to inanimate objects and entering into the lives of the people I was meeting. I believe these stories will entertain you and you may find yourself entering into the land of Imagination where anything is possible. I hope that you enjoy the stories. Thank You.

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