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  • The Silver Arrow on Dec. 21, 2012

    Classic good vs Evil story. Iseac and Samuel are two boys who don't plan on doing more than being just boys, however destiny has other plans. Iseac is his generation's Anamerian. His task is to find three people who will will help determine the out come of a great war with the Gaid'dum. Once the Gaid'dum was simply a curious boy like Iseac and Samuel, but after touching one of the sacred scrolls, he has become something of great evil. Looking only to conquer the kingdoms and take control of the rest of the sacred scrolls. Samuel is quietly enjoying his own life, when his town in attacked. His entire family is either slaughtered or captured by the Gaid'dum's army. While trying to find a way to save his mother and remaining brother his path crosses Iseac's and his life's course is altered forever. I'm caught in the middle on this book. On one hand I love the story. Itejere's world he has created, with it's different kingdoms and various people, is very intriguing. His characters seemed solid in how they were written and didn't jump all over the place. In fact I really enjoyed the story and how he brought Iseac and Samuel's separate stories together. In fact there were some unexpected but interesting twists along the way. I would definitely be interested in reading the next book in the series and finding out what else happens to Iseac and Samuel, and who survives the war.