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JB Burrage was born in Jackson, Mississippi. He grew up in Meridian, Mississippi, where he graduated from Meridian High School. Shortly after graduation, he joined the US Army and served in Hawaii, New York, Maryland, and Texas. JB is a graduate of New Mexico State University-Dona Ana Community College in Las Cruces, NM, where he earned an Associate's degree in Business Management, with a concentration in Real Estate.

JB discovered his passion for writing around age 10. He began writing scripts for his classes and eventually started writing plays, never publishing any of his work. In 1999, after joining the U.S. Army, he stopped writing.

Fearing that he might lose his talent for writing, in November 2005, he wrote his first book, a sci-fi novel called The Journal of John Baker. He wrote a sequel to this book, but it chose to publish it at a later time. A year after writing The Journal of John Baker, he came up with ideas for Caught Up; a step away from sci-fi; and put them to paper. A few months later, he decided to publish it himself, and created J. Burrage Publications.

Unforeseen circumstances caused him to fold J. Burrage Publications. After closing J. Burrage Publications, he took another break from writing; during this time, he decided to become a full-time student. Also during this time, he decided to step briefly into another passion of his: real estate. However, he couldn't keep away from his love for writing for too long. He formed 3-B Dimension Publications, a company based off the 3-B concept from J. Burrage Publications. Like the phoenix, J. Burrage Publications burned into ashes, and out of those ashes came 3-B Dimension.

In 2013, JB formed J. Burrage Productions, LLC, a small production company that combines creative writing, production management, and event planning in a unique way for the development of theater and short film projects.

JB is currently involved in several projects, including projects with his production company, J. Burrage Productions. He's also a full-time student at Georgia State University, where he's following up his Associate's in Business Management with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. When he isn't working on a project or studying, he splits his time between Las Cruces, NM; Meridian, MS; and Atlanta, GA.

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