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Dina Vieira is a certified yoga instructor who struggled with inexplicable weight gain in her 30’s. Despite rigorous workouts and healthy eating, she continued to put on weight and attributed it to “age creep” – weight gain associated with getting older.

Dina’s book Fit & Fab Over 40, available on Amazon, details how she lost 40 pounds right before turning 40, and how she has kept it off for years!

Fit & Fab Over 40 covers topics like:
• Candida – What it is and how everyone has it
• Food sensitivities – the importance of testing
• Family karma sabotaging weight loss efforts
• The emotional science of losing weight
• A metaphysical approach to weight loss success
• Plus, the 3 diets Dina used to regain an Alkaline state

Dina shared her belly-busting diet tip on the Dr. Oz show, and blogs regularly about nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

For more information visit: www.40FitFab.com

Smashwords Interview

Your diet journey started with a health issue known as Candida. What is it and what are the symptoms?
Candida albicans is a type of yeast that we all have on our bodies and in our gut. When this pathogen increases, our good bacteria decreases and immune response becomes depressed. Unknowingly, we are feeding Candida when we eat foods made with flour, yeast and especially sugar! My symptoms included lethargy, severe PMS and menstrual cramps, and depression. Symptoms can also include chronic diarrhea, bladder infections, migraines, yeast infection or athletes foot. Candida does not discriminate. Both women and men have it.
Your book goes into depth about your own food sensitivities. Were you shocked to learn you had developed these later in life?
Yes, absolutely! I had no idea that the feelings of lethargy and depression were being fuelled by food sensitivities. I had to remove wheat, gluten, sugar, yeast, sulphites, vinegars, coffee and oats. It was shocking because I was eating on the go, and many prepared foods contain at least one of these ingredients, if not all of them! Interestingly enough, many of us seem to develop food sensitivities later in life, and wheat tends to be very problematic for a lot of people. It's important to get tested for food sensitivities if you feel excessively tired or bloated to remove offending foods. Once I cleaned up my diet, I lost 40 pounds effortlessly!
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