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Growing up in a small town isn't easy for anybody, especially if you're shy. Growing up I was known as a quiet child but that's not really the truth. You see, I have always had two sides to me A) The quiet kid in school who had no friends and B) the loud obnoxious kid at home.

I've always had things to say, it's just that I chose not to speak my mind verbally. My words were silent and on paper...I always kept everything bottled up inside as I was picked on throughout my school years. I had little to no friends and those I had I would discover later began to talk behind my back as well. I turned to the internet and made friends in chat rooms and spent more and more time behind closed doors writing out my thoughts and feelings and then hiding my words in a binder or in a book. I would say what was on my mind through writing, but most times, nobody saw my writing...Only the odd time I would open up and let the world have a glimpse of who I was. It wasn't until I met Shane that I truly felt accepted by someone and felt that I could show the world all that had been kept secret, whether it was poetry, short stories or just rambling to release stuff that had built up inside.

Together we opened a company, 4E Inc, which we are proud to call our own because it's something that is special to us, as well as represents who we are and what we love to do.
I invite you to read our words, thoughts, feelings and get a glimpse into our world. You may not understand where we're coming from all the time, but I'm sure that you will relate to some of it, and feel free to leave us comments at any time.

Thank you, enjoy all there is at 4E Inc & please pass on the link to your friends so they may enjoy all that we have to offer.

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