Jessica Clavell


The author felt relentlessly compelled to tell this painful and horrific story of her paranormal experiences and child abuse for the purpose of (1) enlighting people about the spiritual realm of non-physical beings that coincide within our physical and material world, and the power that the spirit realm is subjected and subordinate to; and (2) to hopefully awaken mothers who may somehow find themselves in a relationship where she senses that her mate dislikes her child, but she may not be able to currently leave him because her feelings for him run so deeply or she's financially dependent on him, to then send her child to live with someone else where he or she will be safe until she's strong enough to make a resolution.

The author worked for ten years as an Accounts Receivable & Payables Clerk. It was the decline in the American economy that necessitated her layoff. Her search for new employment led her to the awareness that the software she had previously worked on for years had become obsolete. Being in a situation where it wasn't feasible for her to go back for training on updated software, led her to a position in the medical field where she has worked for over five years.

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