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Smashwords book reviews by Kim Hatfield

  • Her Master's Courtesan on April 17, 2014

    I am not really sure how to review this book. It has been about a week since I finished reading it and it took me a little linger to read it than most books. Too say that it is shocking is way past what it is. It is disheartening, sad and just wrong on so many levels. I will say that 's White has quite an imagination and is very good at spinning a tale. I really did not like the story tho, I fond the way this man behaves is repulsive. Who made him God, to decide to take a girl who had what seemed to be a perfectly fine life with a great future ahead of her. I know there are men out there who feel this aT about women. He says all women have an inner who're waiting to come out. That may be true, but we want it to come out for someone we live, who respects us and loves us back. Wow, he is so conceited, arrogant and disrespectful. I kept saying to myself, get a frying pan, a knife, something, fight back! What is there to love about him, he is not loveable. He lies to her and manipulates her. Why would any man think, that a woman would rather submit to him sexually, never leave his house, not have any friends or family? Most women are social creatures. We need other people around us. We need our freedom. We need to shop, have lunch with friends and yes, even work. This book made me mad and I don't think it is right to romanticize these types of books. I can't believe I listened to so many people who said it was a great book, spent my money on it and took the time to read it. I must say, I understand why Amazon banned it, but there are so many other books that they sell that are just as bad or worse than this. It is just disturbing on so many levels.