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Award winning author Kathryn Jane is well-known for rising to a challenge whether it's learning to fly, facing down cancer or being spot-lighted at a fundraising gala.
Her personal tales of adventure include momentarily misplacing a thoroughbred filly in a 747 at thirty thousand feet, planning the evacuation of fifty horses in the path of a wildfire, and being volunteered to represent her peers in a public speaking venue.

Kathryn writes about the kind of women she’d like to hang out with – smart, self-reliant, think on their feet women, who are just as happy eating a loaded hot dog at a ballgame, as they are sipping champagne in the back of a limo. Women who laugh as hard as they cry, love good sweaty sex, don’t understand the appeal of perfection, and have secrets.
The heroes? Well, they’re tough, hot, inherently kind, and occasionally baffled by the women they dare to love.

Addicted to the Pacific Ocean, Kathryn lives on the Canadian West Coast – with two tuxedo cats, and a faithful Labrador to keep the man of her dreams company while she writes steamy stories of love and adventure.
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Smashwords Interview

What motivated you to become an indie author?
My books don't fit neatly into categories.

An editor once told me I had to decide which genre I wanted to be published in. She told me I couldn't have a Romantic Suspense with a Paranormal thread. I'd either drop the telepathy and ESP factors to have a 'clean' Romantic Suspense, or drop the mystery and have a clean Paranormal.

Hmmph. Both elements were integral to the story! Taking it apart to suit an editor didn't work for me. So I experimented. I gave the book to a dozen different people, with no forewarning about content. Once they'd read it, I asked what they thought about taking out either the mystery or the paranormal parts and they ALL said they'd prefer I left it alone - several used really specific words.

So. Knowing editors need to fit books into slots, it became clear to me, that I wasn't going to fit their requirements. I began researching independent publishing, and several years later, here I am.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
To put my hands on the keys and have a story spill onto the screen is a feeling that compares to nothing else. And I love, love, love, sharing my stories.
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