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  • The Meter Reader on June 17, 2020

    Very well written in third person! A nasty yet believable story! Written in third person is the best way to tell these sordid tales of shame! Acts that to some can be disgusting and depraved can be beautiful and fulfilling in the minds of others!
  • The Switch on June 17, 2020
    (no rating)
    Too far fetched and confusing to be erootic or believable
  • The Burr Valley Incident 1 on June 17, 2020

    Once again another raunchy tale by this author that is so erotic in its filthiness! The beauty of beastiality!
  • The Desperate Housewife on June 17, 2020
    (no rating)
    This story started out very. Hot until the author introduced a second party into the tale who gladly joined in. That ruined the story for me!
  • The Meter Reader 2: The One! on June 19, 2020
    (no rating)
    The author should have stopped with the meter reader which was a really good story. But the meter reader 2 is kind of a repeat of meter reader 1 but gets repeated over and over again and becomes unrealistic and boring!
  • The Dog Sitter on April 11, 2021

    Very good plot and believable story! Very hot writing .written in 3rd person with erotic details of surrender into interspecies sex by a wanton young girl!
  • Dog Sex-A Dogs Life on May 22, 2021
    (no rating)
    A fun and nasty read but not realistic.
  • Housewife Forced Dogslut on May 22, 2021

    Really hot! Very arousing writing! I felt like I was there! One of the best short stories I've read! Great author!
  • My Neighbor Fucks Her Dog on June 17, 2021

    Arousing! I would loved to have been the curious neighbor!
  • Licked and Taken by the Dog on June 17, 2021
    (no rating)
    Really hot! What a nasty slut!
  • Stuffed Full By the Mutt on Nov. 24, 2021

    Hot story! Realistic description of interspecies breeding as a woman surrenders herself to becoming a dogs bitch!
  • The Birth of Candy! on Nov. 25, 2021
    (no rating)
    Too long and too unrealistic. A waste of time!
  • A Summer of Cin! on Nov. 25, 2021
    (no rating)
    Ridiculous story. Waste of time!
  • The Meter Reader on April 24, 2022
    (no rating)
    Never get tired of reading this! One of the best!
  • Teenage Siblings Lose Their Virginity Together on April 30, 2022
    (no rating)
    I can relate to this story! Except we never got caught!
  • A Night Out with Tonia! on April 30, 2022

    Fucking hot and depraved! A bit much for all of it in one night but arousing!
  • The Burr Valley Incident 3 on May 25, 2022

    Well written descriptions of dramatic encounters!
  • The Switch on June 03, 2022

    Though a far fetched story it is very erotically written! I find myself reading chapter 3 over and over again! Really hot!