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Born in New Delhi India in August 1958 Mohini came to the UK in 1981. She passed an undergraduate Physics degree with 2(1) at UMIST Manchester in 1983. In August 1983 she left Manchester arriving in Chicago. She studied for one term in Purdue University and transferred to Arizona. There her parents had a conspiracy to stop her studies even though they were not supporting her financially and thereafter she was a prisoner in the home of her parents from 1986-1995. Then her grandmother died in 1991 leaving enough money for the plane ticket and other expenses to go to Canada. She for admission in a Canadian university Saskatchewan, one more time in 1991 and was able to leave by end of 1995. In Canada as well the father was calling the supervisor and calling authorities and asking to deport her.

Although these tales sound far-fetched Mohini has written hundreds of pages which make her tales coherent as well as plausible. The parents were able to enter USA to interfere in her studies but were banned from Canada. The parents however had ample opportunity to settle in the Uk for years but moved here shortly after I came so as to be close to me. Currently I have been in the Uk since 2004 and in a way I am a prisoner as I do not have the right to work. Meanwhile the parents have been trying to win over her and this is easy in a female dominated society where people are impressed with money and power which my parents have more of than me as he is a retired international pharmaceutical wheeler dealer.

So since 2009 UK immigration have been writing to me saying I should not have a private life and should split up with

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Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in India where I lived until the age of 20. I am currently living in the UK where I have been continuously since 2004, and where I lived from 1981-1983 and got a degree in Physics from UMIST, Manchester in 1983.

I like to say that roses are red because they are flowers but blood is red for a different reason.It goes against my grain to argue that I am not a product of my upbringing, even if I am doing the same thing as people of other cultures. They do it because of their upbringing and I do it because of mine. Even if I felt someone was false accusing me of being a stereotypically of my birth culture I would find it inappropriate and embarrassing to contest the charge.
Like I explained in my book it is NOT a dirty (porno) book, and is suitable for scholars in the UK as it refers to local SEX EUGENICS which like other eugenics is intended to improve the human race. Because of the subject of eugenics I have briefly mentioned Adolf Hitler in my SEX MANUAL. In the new reality intended to cater to the lesser side of man (or woman) and superior rights for people of lower intelligence, the scientist of today is offering in the media things that lead to temptation and are of "mutual benefit" such as huge offers and promises of great sex and money to a female-dominated audience. People especially young women are being mentally indoctrinated that there is big sex and big money, and unlimited power and glamour if they only get into a Science course. The internet is full of articles about "fizziks" like hairdressers artists etc who want to "paint" the "fizziks" talks, and the Physics fetish is a type of sexual interest found in these women, due to Physics streetshows to round up women. Naturally these "sex women" are here for a different purpose and are going to behave badly, to real Physics graduates who are women because they are here to seek men.. Likewise intellectualism I feel is undergoing an "ethnic cleansing"whereby the printed word is being purged of all thoughtforms were men have more skill than women to create a Brave New World.

As such I do not consider myself a product of my culture, more a case of being able to understand and acquire new beliefs, because I am an adult, and adults can do that. In the 80s it was recognized (and much-appreciated) that I am very Westernized, when I was in the UK, and in the USA. It is not appreciated now! As such if you read carefully you will see the author of this SEX MANUAL is quite conservative, but this is NOT because of my upbringing as an Asian. I had my book (and another similar one) read and evaluated by an elderly Physics professor of USA, originally from England who was fascinated but he strongly disapproved of the "salacious" title using the word "SEX".
I can say that where I grew up would influence my writing especially as it is a philosophy, and that one's views are shaped by where one grows up. Specifically I belong to an obsolete breed who had cultural hybridization, whereas the people currently in their 20s have culture given to them on a plate with any truth pertaining to humans or culture has been modified sanitized and perfumed, reshaped for their convenience comfort and for maximum profit.

Sex Manual for Physicists I call "left-brained pornography" desires to expose naked truths that are part of an environmental change which according to me are more an evil than anything else. The ideas expressed in the book they are intended for scientists or about them, in the 21st century. The book presents an alternative coverage for the changes worded glamorously elsewhere,. As the book does refer to Asian culture in "women axioms" the fact of my upbringing is covered in the content of the book.

As such I would like people to understand (or I should say believe) I am rather modern progressive and original, except that arguing about social trends and customs is not modern. We live in the leaflet age, and our day to day lives are made painless by indoctrinating leaflets a substitute for people making own decisions on moral/ social issues, &on how to treat their fellow human,Making comments about scientists doing things is not slander. By English law only false statements are slander, and ideas and attitudes are not slander, as they are not a fact, and anything that is not a fact is neither true nor false,except when printed comments are seen they as saying something bad about someone,. Criticizing a group of people is not slander unless it mentions someone's name. For example "Doctors are butchers, lawyers are liars, boys are monkeys" is not slander, because the comment is general and one is allowed to make a reasoned attack, It is frowned upon as modern women only comply; I am shunned and ostracised by men& scientists. They hate my gender equality and offered as MEAT TO VULTURES to groups of uneducated women to lie about me in court maintain false records and have unlimited invincibility so I'm sexually abused to death!
When did you first start writing?
Late 2004. i had been writing to myself since 1999, and had not considered publishing books until 2004
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Broadcast from a coffin
Price: $0.99 USD. Words: 46,220. Language: English. Published: March 8, 2015. Categories: Nonfiction » Biography » Autobiographies & Memoirs
Handwritten in 2004, and submitted to the British library in 2006. "Broadcasting from a coffin" is a partial autobiography of Mohini Hersom. She says: Firstly the sound coming from a coffin can be muffled and so you may have to use an amplifier. Secondly, people do not like broadcasts coming from a coffin, which may be the reason why I am bookworthy and newsworthy.
Sex Manual for Physicists-A Conceptual Guide and System Tour
Price: $7.50 USD. Words: 16,960. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: July 30, 2013. Categories: Nonfiction » Philosophy » Criticism, Nonfiction » Education and Study Guides » Educational psychology
Sex Manual for physicists consisting of monochromatic text without images is non-fiction, and is a non-pornographic book. Periodically spiced with sexually explicit words but no purple patches, the book is about a dark subject and unsuitable for children whose physical or mental age or both, are under 21. The author Mohini Hersom has made a eugenic discovery, and wants to disseminate worldwide....

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