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  • Extreme Trekking on April 20, 2011

    Vladimir has done a great job with this book. As he was my client (7summits.com Expeditions), I was interested to read his account of this climb. He described with clarity and detail why Aconcagua should not be underestimated. From a warm home it might appear like a 'walk-up' mountain, but once you are there reality hits. Team members has to return home for various reasons, a climber from another party lost his life and the remaining members of his team hard a hard time returning to safety themselves. Sometimes the detail is a bit too much (bowel movements and amounts of water drank), but Vladimir is honest in describing the things going on in his head as well as seemingly minor stupidities that can have great effects at altitude. I have written a guidebook about climbing Aconcagua, but for a good preparation it is wise to read a true account like this book as well. It might prepare you for the hardships to come, so you might enjoy them once you try to climb this magnificent mountain. Harry Kikstra Director, www.7summits.com