Dr. A Benjamin


Dr A BENJAMIN is 60 years of age married with four children. I am presently working with World Health Organization (WHO) in Edo State of Nigeria
As a Public Health specialist, my interest to work in HIV and AIDS began in 1986 five year after it became a world concern. I have heard and saw how the HIV and AIDS sufferers end up dying without real help from the society we live in. At that time I was a young Medical Officer in a polytechnic and I introduced HIV and AIDS awareness and the use of condoms. Since then I have presented papers and discussed HIV and AIDS in many countries like Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Nigeria and the United Kingdom. The awareness campaign had reached thousands of individuals, over one hundred companies and two hundred schools. Despite this, I am not satisfied with awareness alone and I decided to put everything in a book to look into Knowledge, attitudes and practices. I am convinced the knowledge of HIV and AIDS have not reached the expected level because of the reaction to HIV and AIDS today is the same as that of thirty years ago and this is worrisome. From my awareness campaigns to writing a book, I tried to look into MANY aspects and gave useful suggestions that will surely bridge the knowledge gaps.
Thus the book discussed the knowledge issues by refreshing our memories on what is HIV and AIDS, mode of transmission, how to protect oneself and others from HIV and AIDS also the use of condoms. There were various discussions on what people say HIV and AIDs is and the level of information and understanding from all walks of life. Finally the summary of knowledge, the expected attitude changes toward HIV and AIDS and the good practices that will keep people from HIV and AIDS.

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