A.J. Armitt


Hi Everyone

I live in Manchester with my wife and three children (I say children; two teenagers and a twenty something), and work as a Purchasing Manager for a fixings company.

I have three main hobbies:


I love a good film, my favourites being 'Gladiator', 'Cinderella Man' and 'Zulu'. Although I enjoy reading horror stories, I don't really like to watch them; many horror films today are far too graphic and I prefer ones were the viewer has to use their own imagination. 'Seven' is an outstanding example of this, and I don't recall many better endings than 'The Sixth Sense'.


Over the past twenty years, 'Stephen King' has been a firm favourite. About three years ago I began to read historical fiction, and I've read every book 'Simon Scarrow', 'Conn Iggullden', 'Anthony Riches' and 'Russell Whitfield' have so far published, along with the fantastic 'Troy' series, by 'David Gemmell'. Thrillers are also close to my heart and I have just discovered the delightful and intelligent 'Harlan Coben'.
The Amazon Kindle though has opened up a whole new world to me.
Recently I downloaded several books by 'S.J.A. Turney' and another by 'Gordon Doherty'; two indie authors who write historical fiction. Both are excellent writers, and I have since become 'friends' with both men. If you like historical fiction, I would recommend both writers work.
Since Christmas, I've also downloaded several stories by 'Stephen Leather', 'James Patterson' and 'Christian Cameron'.
Long live the Kindle!


Now that the children are older, and my only function is to provide them with a free taxi service; writing takes up most of my spare time.
Eighteen months ago I joined a writing site http://youwriteonline.co.uk which was apparently started by 'Simon' and 'Alex Scarrow'. Not only have I made some good friends from the site, but also learned a great deal about my own writing style.
Currently, I'm writing my sequel, 'Entwined - Tales from the Village', and I also have to revisit an historical novel that I started some years ago.

If you haven't already done so, please download a sample of my book, and if you enjoy it, purchase a copy. I would be delighted with any feedback, positive or otherwise, as this would help me develop as a writer.

Many thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better.



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Smashwords book reviews by A.J. Armitt

  • Here Be Monsters - An Anthology of Monster Tales on Sep. 12, 2011

    I liked this book; I liked it a lot. From M.T.Murphy's twisted tale of blackmail; to Sara Reinke's genuinely frightening yarn of soul sucking creatures; each story is a real gem. What makes this book of horror stand apart from others of the genre is it's originality; each story stands apart from its neighbour in both style and content. Although I enjoyed each and every tale, I especially liked S.M Reine's 'Something wrong' for its simplistic, yet elegant prose, and Jeremy C. Shipp's weird and totally unexpected 'Figs'. What surprised me most about this book is that it was FREE. Download a FOC copy today, while you still can.