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At AKW Books, you get the cream of the crop. All of our books are as good and often better than those published by the big New York houses.

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  • FreeFormed Hybrids on July 30, 2014

    I got half way through this and couldn't go any further. The story should have been interesting, given the premiss, but it dragged. Lots of running around with the main "alien" character always putting off explaining what's going on the the dumb humans, who go along with the gag anyway. I had trouble caring about the characters. I think that's one reason I finally put it aside. Another problem was that it REALLY needed more editing. Now, I challenge anyone to find a work of fiction that doesn't have one or two misspelled words or other typos. Even the big New York houses miss some stuff. But this book had far too many. From misspelled words, to the wrong word, to stilted dialog. Others may enjoy it (obviously some did, if you read some of the other reviews here), but I didn't. Maybe I'm just getting too old ...