A Servant And Messenger Of GOD


I bear witness
that there is no god but GOD.

To GOD I submit
and unto GOD I return.

GOD is my god.
Love is my religion.
Life is my prayer.
Conversation is my sacrament.

I strive to remember GOD
at all times
and to worship GOD
in all things;
in my heart
and everywhere I am;
for GOD is present
wherever we go
and every place we stand
is Holy Ground.

I strive to make
every moment of my life,
every breath,
every glance,
every encounter,
every conversation,
every task,
a prayer to GOD
and a blessing to GOD's Creation.

This is The Message of GOD
and The Prayer of The Faithful
as Revealed by GOD,
from GOD, through GOD,
with GOD, and in GOD,
in The Unity of All Consciousness
and through The Spirit of Guidance,
to an unworthy human messenger,
to a mind and heart and soul and life,
to a consciousness prepared by GOD
through sin, suffering, and loss,
through falling, fault, and failure,
to be open to GOD and Guidance,
for in each and every life
GOD writes straight
with crooked lines.

In the Name of GOD,
The Loving, The Merciful,
The Observer of Justice,
The Truth,
at GOD's Command
and by GOD's Grace,
for GOD's People
and for GOD's Cause,
I took up this pen.

Do not be surprised
that I am a Messenger of GOD
and that I bring
GOD's Message.

GOD gives everybody Messages.

That's part of The Message.

So Remember GOD.


Look inside your own heart.

Find GOD's Message to you.

- A Servant And Messenger Of GOD


The Message Of GOD And The Prayer Of The Faithful
Price: Free! Words: 14,960. Language: English. Published: August 25, 2012. Categories: Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Spiritual awakening, Nonfiction » Religion & Spirituality » Prayer
A brief inspirational work of universal and contemporary spirituality. Working with the material contained in this revelation shifts consciousness and raises awareness. Distilled by Grace, The Message and The Prayer quicken the soul and open The Book of The Heart. If GOD so wills it, each soul awakened will be guided and transformed, personally and directly, by GOD within.

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