Ahmed Motiar


Ahmed Motiar B.A. M.Ed.

Ahmed is a teacher, researcher, author and inventor with 35 years of teaching experience at both elementary and secondary school levels. His present focus is on enhancing Literacy skills as one means of improving the human condition. He obtained his Teachers’ Certificate and Bachelor’s degree in South Africa and obtained his Master’s degree from the University of Toronto – (OISE)

Ahmed’s work has been recognized with a number of AWARDS:
Some of these are:

• (Canadian) Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in Science, Technology and Mathematics.
• Certificate of Appreciation: Antiracism and Ethno-cultural Equity Committee
• ACRA Award of Achievement
• Educator’s Award: Canadians for a Genocide Education
• CIC Award for Arts and Literature
• VIP Award from The Learning Disabilities Association
• Certificate of Excellence: York Region Board of Education

His primary aim in life is to bring about justice for the oppressed and the marginalized all over the world. To promote better understanding and tolerance between different racial groups and faith communities, he has been actively involved in issues of social justice and has been a member of the following organizations:

1. National Anti-Racism Council of Canada
2. York Region Race Relations Advisory Committee.
3. Multi-faith Dialogue Group of Toronto
4. Muslim-Christian Liaison Committee.
5. Jewish, Christian, Muslim Interfaith Committee.
6. Educators Against Apartheid.
7. Canadians for a Genocide Education.
8. Movement for Universal Justice.
9. Interfaith Social Action Reform Coalition (ISARC)
10. RCMP Commissioner’s Advisory Committee on Visible Minorities


1. 3E Magic Math

2. 3E Math “Equations” Game

3. The 3E Reading System

4. Learning to Read made Easy

5. The Reading Skills Inventory

6. Diagnostic and Programming Guide

7. 3E Word-Vocabulary Game

8. Defanging a Bully

9. I Am Not Dumb

10. Contributed One Chapter in the, “Book of Multi-faith Readings”

11. Market Madness (A Stock Market Simulation Game)

12. The Reserve Bank = A License to Steal Money from Citizens?


1) Condoned Injustices (– was short listed for the R50,000 Penguin Book Award)

2) (An Essay) How Fasting Regenerates the Immune System.

3) Edited and Collated the book: “Multi-faith Responses to: Who Created God?”

Some of his material is available from: http://www.MathAndLiteracyAfrica.co.za

Smashwords Interview

What made you interested in the Reserve Bank?
Considering that most Government measures to address Poverty issues have had very minimal impact, I did some research to find the root cause for the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor. To my surprise, I discovered that the major stumbling block to eradicate poverty is the RESERVE BANK. It does this by having appropriated the power to control both the “supply” of money and also the “creation of money out of nothing.”
Is not one of the main functions of the Reserve Bank to manage our economy and guide it towards economic prosperity?
The question is economic prosperity for whom? For the rich yes, but not for the poor.

In my book, I present an exposition of the OBJECTIVES that were hammered out by the founders of the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA. It will amaze you to discover that it was so structured that the primary beneficiaries would be the founders of the RESERVE BANK and their private banks and NOT the people or the country.
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The Reserve Bank = A License to Steal Money from Citizens? (How Money is Created from Nothing for Dummies)
Price: $3.99 USD. Words: 24,520. Language: English. Published: July 7, 2014. Categories: Nonfiction » Business & Economics » Money & monetary policy, Nonfiction » Politics and Current Affairs » Economic policy
Very few people know how the money system is manipulated by the RESERVE BANK to make most citizens “debt-slaves” without them even being aware of it. This book exposes how the Reserve Bank uses the Fractional Reserve System to create “money out of nothing” for the benefit of the few private owners of the Bank but to the great detriment of the majority of the country’s citizens.

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