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I'm a born storyteller, no lie.

And if you're a reader who enjoys twists and turns, non-cookie cutter fiction, some characters to love, and some to hate, then I'm your cuppa. I refuse to be a one-trick pony. It's just too damn boring . . . and predictable. I'm unpredictable as a human being, so it stands to reason my fiction follows suit.

Some of my books are suspense mixed with steamy sex. Some are New Adult romance with steamy scenes, some are fantasy suspense, M/M, M/M/F, YA Suspense, YA/NA Romance Serials that aren't steamy, but make your belly tingle just the same.

My characters: alpha millionaires, virgin coeds, MC bikers, FBI agents, Mafioso, girls from the sticks, girls from privilege. How about ghosts who refuse to cross over? Or the boy next door? I've got them all from college jocks meeting nerdy chicks, to stepfathers and stepdaughters that are wicked or innocent. I've done it all and the best part? You'll feel them, understand them, hurt with them, love or hate them, but they WILL touch you. Each and every one, I promise. Even the twisted preacher and the whore from West Virginia! They will all touch you in some way.

So, go on in. They're all waiting---for YOU!

Smashwords Interview

What do you read for pleasure?
I'm open to almost any genre as long as it's well-written, edited, and the characters are properly developed. So, I guess in that respect, I am a bit picky! I love romantic suspense, rom-com, second chance love stories the most. I also enjoy some darkness in my reads occasionally. I don't want a steady diet of it though.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
I absolutely love my Kindle Fire! I do some traveling, so I especially enjoy the text-to-speech feature. It makes the drive go so much faster when I'm kept thoroughly entertained listening to a great story.
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