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Smashwords book reviews by T. SINGH

  • Spirits Of Glory on April 16, 2011

    Emily Devenport has a gift; in the same way as an artist can create a picture which will captivate you and remain in your memory for years afterwards. Then so does Emily Devenports story’s stay in your mind for years afterward. When re-reading her books more details are found and the richer the story becomes. Having read a number of books by her I was pleased when she released two new works. Spirits of Glory deals with a young lady called Hawkeye who is a authority on the Neighbours and the Disappearance. She is requested to embark on a journey to discover about the disappearance. Hawkeye learns about the Neighbours, Humans, Herself and her world. (Also about Gods, Ghosts, and Donkeys). Emily Devenport has written about women as her main character; these women are strong, resourceful, tough, intelligent. They are not always perfect, maybe pig-headed at times. They are not your normal leading characters, and it is here one of her strengths lie. I would recommend Spirits of Glory and if you can, get hold of her earlier books.
  • The Night Shifters on July 23, 2011

    Have you ever Dreamt? Night-Shifters tells the story of Hazel; she awakes into a world of night. She doesn’t know whether she is still dreaming or if she is crazy. (She hopes she dreaming). While trying to discover where she is and also who she is, (having gaps in her memory). Hazel meets several denizens of the Night. She quickly has to discover who is an ally and who is out to hurt her. Someone wishes no good to come to Hazel and try’s their best to rid the Night of Hazel. But the Night is in danger itself and maybe Hazel is the only one who can help. If only she can reclaim her memory. Emily Devenport creates a world which seems very familiar yet is unique, filled with events that evoke half rememorized dreams. The character of Hazel is wonderfully drawn and seems very much like someone you would of grown up with. She has a style all of her own with makes her a fun and interesting figure.