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  • The Blues, Mary on Aug. 29, 2012
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    Do you like music? I'm not talking genres, artists or anything specific;just, do you like music? The act of telling a story in a poignant way that stirs the emotions and takes you on a journey? If yes then congratulations for understanding that heavy-handed and nearly incomprehensible metaphor, and may I recommend this book to you in a similarly heavy-handed way? BUY IT. With me so far? Thanks for sticking with me; it means a lot. The Blues, Mary is a book that reads like a long-form Springsteen song, with emotional weight to every line. These 'lyrics' build together and weave through into a narrative that reads like music and delivers in each chapter like a guitar riff crescendo. I'm rambling, but if ever a book was made to read to your favourite songs it would be this one. So once again: BUY IT.