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Dreams are sprightful-misty-hard to grasp puzzles of the mind. Never sure am I, if the dream is me speaking to myself or someone else speaking to me. ~

Author Unknown.
When I was 19, I went to college to become a lawyer.
I wanted to defend people from what has now become a repetitive cycle that has the haunting similarities to Dante's Inferno, Stint in Purgatory, and final since of exasperating finality written of Paradise.
I was distraught for a long time that this is our reality, that our world has become what Gerald Harding in his writtings has determined to be FATE!
As a writer some of the best interpretations of truth comes from our dreams. Some say that the writer who speaks of dreams is delusional, seeking grandeur, through altering histories or taking things out of context to fit there own worlds.
These writers I pay no mind to, but I enjoy their doxologies. I enjoy how they set to determine the paths of others through there written words. It is amazing how we discredit the power of the written word yet use it all the time to shape the settings that are before us.
I began my journey some time ago and have finally taken the time to set it all upon the written page. I do believe the real joy comes from the endlessness. For as long as I live there will be the story. For as long as I live there will be this truth that none can take from me.
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Smashwords Interview

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up as a military brat.
As a child, I wanted to do what was right by my family and friends and serve in the ARMY. I wanted to protect the homeland, for I am a patriot. I wanted to protect the very things that have become a staple of conversation for any American Christian. Only I never wanted to exclude those that came to this country from the joys of believing in a higher call to service and I never wanted the actions of errant fathers and mothers to determine where our youth end up. I never believed that any of us are the sum total of our faults. That there was always room for forgiveness, and making things better for those around us. Education being principal in the elevation of the mind. This separating the man from beast. Only having traveled abroad and having seen many countries, I have to ask, "What is the foundation of all of this education and how have we become better for it?"
I never had a stable home. Sure I had a mother and father and a good education. What I mean is, due to the travel at a young age, I never stayed in a school more than a year, so I never lived in one town more than a year and everywhere I lived I sought to showcase the love of Christ not only through word, but in deed.
I grew up in Germany for a lot of my youth, I saw the concentration camps of WW11 and the cobble stones. I have been to Transylvania and saw the castles of old. I have sat in temples of the Hindus and witnessed to Muslims, all before I turned fifteen. To this day, my mother has a hard time talking to me, because she believes I only speak in parables.
I was a vagabond, a fiddler and harp player on roofs and water towers for the better part of five years after college. I had sought to be a lawyer when I turned twenty. All in hopes of a better tomorrow.
When did you first start writing?
I first started writing in journals when I was twenty in college.
Had a facebook page and because I was seeking to become a lawyer I wrote a lot of dissertations for paralegals and county clerks. To help pay for school. On my off time I played around with the idea of writing about why and when it happened that I noticed there needed to be a change.
By my third year I got very tired of the cycles that I was noticing and found it very hard to ignore, all those around me that were going to school with no aims of anything beyond liberal aspirations. I wanted to get paid, not only that I wanted to help people. Only it seemed, everyone liked the mess that has become our legal system.
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Black Amethyst
Price: $15.00 USD. Words: 55,620. Language: English. Published: May 11, 2017. Categories: Fiction » Religious
Clive Dawson is a dream weaver, who spent most of his life seeking to answer the question that stunts most in there young lives. Who am I? It is the question that leads many to drugs and debauchery. It is the question that leads one to mal-contentment. In his quest he finds the truth to many questions and a redemption that he never felt he was entitled to, but so grateful to receive.

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