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Richard R. Draude, an East Coast baby boomer, found reading and early TV shows great ways to pass the time as a young boy in New Jersey. From the Hardy Boys to more serious mysteries and thrillers, he loved the excitement and adventure of the written word. Inheriting a love of old movies from his parents, he enjoys a wide range of TV and movie genres, and loves quoting lines and scenes from favorite films.
While serving in the US Navy and then completing a tour in Viet Nam, Richard discovered and devoured Science and Fantasy Fiction.
Science Fiction authors who influenced his writing style include E. E. Doc Smith, Lee Hoffman, and Keith Laumer. Authors on his favorites’ fantasy fiction list include Terry Brooks, David & Leigh Eddings, Raymond E. Feist, and JRR Tolkien. Favored mystery writers are John D McDonald, Tony Hillerman, Sue Grafton, and Patricia Cromwell.
Richard settled in the Southwest after being honorably discharged from the military. For the past 16 years, he has lived in three different states in the southwest. He is the proud father of a daughter, two sons. He owns Interplex Network Technologies a consulting business, that provides services to small and medium businesses in the Valley of the Sun.
In 1991 Richard partnered with Jo Wilkins and they began their Tyranny Series. Their partnership led them to create Mystic Publishers to help other writers get their works published. Richard and Jo are currently working on Tyranny’s Shadow and Richard is also developing his own trilogy. The release of The Adam Eradication, in 2009 is the first in that series.

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  • The Donuts of Doom on Oct. 22, 2011
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    Donuts Of Doom In a rare bit of faith, Author Mike Brines entrusted me a copy of his unpublished manuscript Donuts of Doom. Donuts of Doom is story of Prin, the humble creator of delicious donuts and pastries. Prin is forced to take flight when his baked goods are declared weapons of mass destruction by Doctor Travaculus, head of the kingdom’s HealthWatch. Prin, a beardless dwarf of uncertain background, raised by human parents, flees from the HealthWatch inquisitors in the middle of the night. Along with his friend Orson, a beggar and Lumpy, Orson’s dog, he escapes from The City of Five Obelisks just ahead of the HealthWatch inquisitors. Prin and Orson wander the countryside staying barely half-a-step ahead of disaster. During his roaming, Prin becomes the unlikely leader of a rag-tag group of beggars, gnomes, humans, one magician and a clockie. A wind up clockwork man named Steve, all bent on restoring the liberties of the people. From cannibalistic munchkins / gardeners to herb smoking, surf board riding elves, Mike’s characters are unique, turn the world of fantasy on its ear and spin it into Mike’s own version of the ‘Twilight Zone’. Just when you think you know were the story is going, Mike drops you on your head. He leaves no twist unturned and no pun, intended or unintended, unspoken. Author Mike Brines has created a truly unique story in, Donuts of Doom. His tongue-in-cheek style rolls fantasy fiction, steam punk and political commentary into a yarn of unparalleled humor. The story takes a swipe at the bizarre, nanny-state mentality that pervades our currant political climate and leaves one to ask the question, “Who is in charge of me?” Hopefully your answer is, “I am in charge of me.” This yarn is sprinkled with recipes that Mike had added in his appendix, including substitutes for ingredients such as porcuswine lard, a bit hard to find in any local market, super or otherwise. Donuts of Doom is a book worth the time. Respectfully submitted, Richard R Draude Co-author of The Tyranny Series Author of The Adam Eradication