Aalissas K.


I read quite a few ebooks and review the 4-5 star books (IMHO) that I enjoyed, as a means of supporting content that is of higher quality. Hopefully you will get an idea if a particular book would appeal to you also. I read plenty of works that are middle of the road and worse, and unless I feel a strong need to warn other potential readers, I will not take the time to review them. This does not mean my published reviews are skewed, or disingenuous. I don't want to throw more time at lesser content, and I also do not want to discourage new authors still cutting their teeth. If a book interested me, made for a fun time, and got my blood pumping and imagination ignited, props to you! I'll tell a friend or two! A.K.


Speed Reading? Not So Fast
Published on May 7, 2014 Instant messaging, same-day delivery, high-speed streaming...we do everything faster now. Except one essential thing: reading. Some app developers see all that time spent reading as a major flaw in human design. New companies like Spritz promise to help readers get through entire books in a single hour. But will any of these speed reading apps actually work? KPBS science reporter David Wagner dug into the research to find out.