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  • Specks of Happiness on Aug. 08, 2011

    If you were delighted to share your book with us, I must tell you I'm even more delighted on having read it. I actually finished the whole book in one siting because I just couldnt stop reading - it was that engrossing! I just LOVED reading it - and could identify with so many things that you had written, right down to having someone special in my life - and i must tell you that your sincerity in recounting all these tales comes through loud and clear, not just in this book but in all your other writings too (yes, i've read them all, through your website)! I'm working now after my course, and like you were, am now staying alone. And thanks to a series of really annoying events/happenings over the last couple of weeks, i have been feeling pretty bugged with life in general. So your book has come at such an opportune moment - to remind me there are so many other good things that are going around, which i'm not really paying attention too. So Thank You! very much for sharing your thoughts - and for reminding me that there are so many more cheery things happening to me in life! And i hope i may share your book with many others who would both appreciate, as well as be able to relate to what you've said!