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StoneHouse Ink is a new kind of publishing company. We embrace eBooks and the new way of publishing. High royalties, personal service and amazing titles are what we are all about.

StoneHouse is on the cutting edge of the eBook market and offer great pricing as well as some of the best authors in the world. Many of our authors are first timers as well as some bestsellers. We attract well known names for back-list titles as well as new works.

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Book Extravaganza
Next Generation Book Extravaganza is where students, writers, authors, graphic designers and publishers come together in one place come together in one place to jump start the next wave of publishing for the future. An equal number of students from public schools, private school and home school will be recruited to learn the process of publishing from those who are on the cutting edge of the independent publishing revolution.

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The Remains
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The Innocent
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