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Ann Carrington's How-To and Do-It-Yourself Series:
Business Structures and Incorporation
Trademark Protection and Prosecution
Writing Winning Business Plans

Insiders' Lifestyle Guides, 21-book series (A Complete Makeover Series):
1 - First Impressions - Social, Business, Boardroom by Natalie Logan
2 - Backstage Grooming - A Sign of Sophistication by Paige McClinte
3 - Backstage Hair - Is it Pleasant to Touch? by Jessica Brooks
4 - Backstage Makeup - For Women Who Love All Things Upscale by Paige McClinte
5 - Ageless Skin - Turning Back the Clock by Jessica Brooks
6 - Personal Nutritionist - Stop Eating Junk and Start Looking Fabulous by Candice Malone
7 - Personal Fitness Trainer - Mood, Confidence and Self-Esteem by Candice Malone
8 - Routines and Rituals - Simple Pleasures of Life by Jaimi Taylor
9 - Mind and Spirit - Every Decade Should Be the Best Decade of Your Life by Natalie Logan
10 - Body and Image - Spas, Bells and Whistles by Natalie Logan
11 - Frontstage Style - How To Be An Icon by Paige McClinte
12 - Socialite - Make Your Life Fabulous and Enjoy What Life Has to Offer by Collin Miles
13 - Your Home and Car Impressions - Harmonizing Your Lifestyle by Collin Miles
14 - Entertaining / Holidays - with Enthusiasm, Taste, and Style by Collin Miles
15 - Friends and Family - An Affluent Lifestyle Portfolio by Chantal Owens
16 - Romance - Up Close and Personal by Jaimi Taylor
17 - Career - Occupation, Profession, Boardroom by Dustin Silverspoon
18 - Finances - Fundamental Philosophy - Never Lose Money by Dustin Silverspoon
19 - Entrepreneurs - Being Your Own Boss - It's Risky Not To Be by Dustin Silverspoon
20 - Travel - On the Move by Chantal Owens
21 - That Je Ne Sais Quoi Factor - What It Is and How To Get It by Jaimi Taylor

Derailed - Memoirs of a Botched Hysterectomy - Hysterectomy to Remove Fibroids and Cyst - Really was Endometriosis! by Jaimi Taylor

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