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  • Happiness Sucks on April 27, 2021

    What would you do with another chance at life? One woeful night at work as a sworn French interpreter, Laurent Pollet faced the heart-wrenching task of relaying to a mother the death of her son. As he spoke with the mother, his wife’s words from the morning replayed in his head. She had nagged him for having turned off the tap to the swimming pool. After Pollet finished speaking with the mother, he realized that he and his wife no longer had a future together. And in that moment, Pollet embarked on the path towards the discipline he calls “Presence.” For too long, sneaky admen have pushed their “happiness” agenda on us. If we buy their product, we will be happy. If we get married, we will be happy. Pollet says, “No more!” Because the purpose of life is not about happiness; rather, to quote Pollet, “It’s all about mating. Period.” It’s high time we replace the sought-after happiness, a feeling, with Presence, a state. Pollet’s prose is bold, brazen, but truthful. At times, his verbose and stream of consciousness style and grandiose vocabulary may flabbergast you. But if you stick with it, you will find an honesty and kindness in this bona fide Frenchman’s words. Pollet is an author of impressive erudition who writes with a humble pomposity that can only ever belong to him.