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  • Fencing Reputation on Sep. 08, 2011
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    Great story! It has everything I look for in a fantasy adventure--an interesting and believable world, an involving central character, creatures, treasures, disguises, magic, daring escapes, emotional depth, a rich back story, and independent action that ties into the broader societal issues. There's also just enough history, geography, and religion to keep things honest, plus Hope, Despair, and the faint stirrings of home in an adventurer's heart. Truly top-notch entertainment. Will Hahn has taken the classic thief and added a new twist. There is wonderful detail that creates a reality base to this story which allows the fantasy elements to truly come alive. From tavern craft to backroom political deal making, the secret life of bards to the prices of stone, surprises and humor abound. Don't miss entering this rich and vibrant world.