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I was born in1962 at this tropical Island Singapore. My education was well received in United State of America, state of Oklahoma and graduated with Bachelor Degree in Electrical engineering in 1992.
In the era of the sixties, reading was a form of affordable leisure activity. I always beguiled in the genre of great battle fought in the history. The eminent martyr and scoundrel betrayer never failed to churn a heaving indignation within my silent commotion.
As time went by, I diversified the range of reading. My perusal extended to various religion doctrines, history in various part of the word, fairy tales and even cooking recipe was my interest.
My era of English literature began with producing proposal to convince management of novation and writing justification report to explain deviation from company directives. Thereafter, I realized the efficacy of communicating in the medium of English. Eventually, English had become my preferred language to accentuate my voices.
Being born with an intriguing and curious personality, every snippet of a trivia incident was able to evoke a train of thought. Be it a kitten carcass, a sparrow pecking on the asphalt premixed highway, a frantic ant straggle from the lair or even a withering foliage twirling from the bough. Whether genuine or not, there is always something to add-on from a spherical point of perspectives. Then I started to jot those glitches onto remnant of notes that teem up my storage spaces. These could be a simple moment, a grief, a commiseration, an accolade or just a scene that had triggered the urge of putting them into archive for future reference.
One typical extraction was an occasion of witnessing a teenage girl boozed on the pavement with empty bottles of Vodka and cluster of friends placating her. That moment reminded me of the younger daughter. Immediately after that, I procured a few bottles of vodka, wine, liquor, beer getting ready to give her a crash course about drinking smartly. I imparted to her about different liquor properties and associated symptom of biological reaction. I knew for sure, she would booze one fine day, with or without my acknowledgment. The best way to build a fortress for her safety was to teach her how to drink instead of refrain her from drinking.
When internet blogging had legitimized; publishing had become easier for any person who wished to fulfill their dream of expression and to share their thoughts. I began to publish articles in writing website as well as personal blog to express notion that was buried deep under the pate. Until today, I never stop thinking, I never stop writing, publish or not, the remnants were always somewhere in my closet or shoe box.

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Describe your desk
Well! pretty interesting question; nowadays with technology working desk is simply mobile. Every snippet of information is inside the tiny cache memory chip of laptop (see desktop is facing extinction) or cellphone. So! my desk could well be my lap. a balustrade to lean on, dinning table, somebody's nape and anywhere which is spaciousness to place my laptop. Come to think about it, my desk is actually the cache memory chip.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
As a matter of fact; nothing had motivated me; it just so happened. Ok! Let me try to give an example....(thinking). Ok! at the age of about forty. I was kind of obese.You know, work, supper,entertainment. One day, a poster of half marathon attracted my attention. I remembered my last completion was twenty years ago. I thought I would never had that achievement till next life. Anyway, I had done it. So! there was simply overwhelm manifestation before, after and during the race. I asked myself, "Why don't I write it down?" Since then, I began jotting down whim of afflatus.
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Price: Free! Words: 8,920. Language: English. Published: October 19, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Fantasy » Short stories
A crinkle note which I have stashed for more than a decade reappears. The provenance of this note is regarding a soothsaying of my destiny. It has stated that thirty five years old is my turning point; thereafter will be prosperous. Now is less than a month to my thirty six years birthdays; I am delving in the crux of whether to close down my venture or floundering to keep neck above water.
Heyday of Go Astray
Series: Go Astray, Book 1. Price: Free! Words: 36,090. Language: English. Published: September 9, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Adventure » General
The story began in our jolly childhood. Ah Pid was my best friend. Although we were born in the same year; he was born with an innate ability to be better than anyone else. I reckoned that the entire childhood would never be the same without him. If not because of that particular incident; he might have achieved the goal in life. In contrary, I would never have a chance to emulate.

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