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I've grown up in many places around the world, spending more birthdays in other countries then ones in Canada, my home. Being exposed to the world at a young age was wonderful, and reflecting on that now I’m beginning to realize how lucky I was to be given the chance to learn about so much, and see such wonders. It’s what makes me what to be a writer. Being able to see art in the Louvre and walk through Paris and the many castles that dot Frances landscape. To be visiting Spain, then Maui to explore a world like no other through forests and oceans that come from fantasy. I see the world from the peaks of mountains, and to being a full blown city man roaming the streets of Los Angeles and San Diego. Having incredible stories gives me an exciting feeling when I’m able to share what I've seen through word of mouth, pictures, and even some scenes described in my book Civilian Assassin. In other words, I wish to take my readers, you, along every adventure I've had and will continue to have through fiction, romance, thriller, and action. I am a Story Teller, living in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Currently as of October 2014, I've been attending the Art Institute of California - Los Angeles, a private film school. But as I shape Theodosius’ journey and many others, I will shape my own, and I sincerely hope you join me with every novel I write, and hopefully in the future, every movie I make.

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