Adam Lee


Adam Lee is the author of Daylight Atheism, one of the largest and most popular weblogs on the Internet whose primary focus is on atheism. His original essays written for the site explore issues in politics, science, history, philosophy, and popular culture. His writing has also appeared in atheist and progressive publications including AlterNet, Free Inquiry, Freethought Today, Secular Future, and Secular Future, and was favorably quoted by Richard Dawkins in his blockbuster book The God Delusion. Since 2011, Daylight Atheism has been hosted by Big Think, an online knowledge forum that offers a platform to prominent modern intellectuals and experts.

During the 2008 election, Lee was attacked in campaign ads run by former U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole, seeking to tar her challenger by connecting her to Daylight Atheism and atheists in general. Despite this concerted campaign of atheist-bashing, Sen. Dole lost the election by a substantial margin. Lee is also a member of the speakers' bureau of the Secular Student Alliance, a national group that sends volunteers to speak to atheist student groups at college campuses across the country.

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