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Rebekah Webb (1980- hopefully a long time) was born in Los Angeles, California to human parents, which was a good thing, since alien parents would have been difficult to explain at school. She lived in Reno, Nevada for a while, then moved back to California. Nothing extraordinarily exciting happened to her in her lifetime, probably because of a lack of alien DNA. (Well, so far. She could end up a part of a super-intelligent squirrel conspiracy. You never know.)

Smashwords Interview

What inspired you to write The Life and Times of Car Johnson?
I started writing a story one Christmas, during a lull in the activities. I had a notebook with me for just that purpose and started scribbling away. I have no clue where the inspiration came from, as the fact that it was Christmas only inspired me to start the story at a Christmas party. The rest of the story turned into making the most insane character I could imagine. I'd never written a character like him before, he shared none of my opinions or habits, yet somehow Car came to be.
What do you read for pleasure?
Science fiction mostly. You'd think Car would have ended up a visiting alien, a self-aware robot out to discover his past, or a galactic overlord using the Earth as his home base. But no, he turned into Gomer Pyle's cruder brother.
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