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Adele Crouch and her husband, Doug, are retired and living in the home they built in an area they jokingly refer to as "the middle of no-where." They are enjoying their retirement years in the peaceful foothills of the Dragoon Mountains in southeast Arizona. She is an artist, as well as being an author.
Adele's memories of her grandmother are filled with warmth, happiness and love. "My Grandma Tony was one of those story-book grandmas. She was cheerful and loving and her house always smelled like fresh baked bread. She had a 'snuggle up' lap and plenty of affection to go around for all of her grandchildren", Adele comments. Her passing was difficult, but did not dim the wonderful memories Adele still carries in her heart.
One night, many years after her Grandma Tony's death, Adele woke to the sound of her grandmother's voice in her head. She got up, went to her computer and typed what was streaming through her mind. The end result, How The Fox Got His Color. Less than a week later, Adele awoke once again in the pre-dawn hours and went to her computer. By daylight, Where Hummingbirds Come From was complete.
It would be over twelve-years before she found a publisher she felt confident would do her books justice. When she saw Naren Aryal, of Mascot Books, on T.V. talking about his new book Bo, America's Commander In Leash, she knew instantly this was the right person. She went online immediately, did some research, and located Mascot Books. She made contact with Mr. Aryal and sent him a copy of her text. The rest is history. Mr. Aryal assigned an editor, Brad Vinson. Brad found an illustrator on their staff, Megan Gibbs, who was not only passionate about the stories, but an excellent artist as well. Adele, Brad, and Megan worked closely over the next few months getting the illustrations and the text layouts just perfect.
After her son-in-law immigrated to America from Beijing, she watched him struggle to learn the English language. It became apparent that prepositions are one of the most difficult concepts to comprehend. Upon his request, she began to write a children’s book using a number of prepositions. The end result is The Dance of The Caterpillars. Adele has used twenty three prepositions, 1 two-word multiple, and 2 three-word multiples in this story.
Adele’s children’s books have become popular for English as a second language students all over the world and are on the top 10 list of ESL study material on Amazon. At the time of the publication of this book, How the Fox Got His Color is available on Kindle and Nook in twelve languages, Where Hummingbirds Come From is available in ten languages, and The Dance Of The Caterpillars in ten languages.
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