Adrian Commons


Born in England, Adrian moved to Australia in the early 1970’s. He hitched his way around Australia before settling in Western Australia. He worked for many years as a bakery pastry cook before entering the prison service, starting his career working at the famous Fremantle Prison. When Fremantle closed its doors in 1991 he was transferred to the new Casuarina maximum-security prison as a shift officer, then to the riot squad for a few years. A promotion saw Adrian to transfer to Wooroloo prison before returning to Casuarina prison as a Senior Officer.
After completing a successful career with many memories, both good and bad, he decided it was time to move on and today work as a Safety Advisor.
Rarely we are given an insight into life behind the razor wire and iron bars of prison life.
After almost 20 years as a prison guard and riot squad officer, Adrian Commons has brought to life the brutality, the misconduct, the characters and the good old-fashioned yarns that unfold in Western Australia jails. His book alternates from touching to confronting and hilarious, but ultimately it Is a novel loaded with insights into the reality of life behind bars.
Trevor Paddenburg
Senior Reportor, The Sunday Times


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