Sidney Harris


Born in Soho I lived my formative years there. I worked for thirteen years in the original Convent Garden, until it moved to Nine Elms. As a young man I boxed for the Regent Street Polytechnic. I became interested in photography when it wasn’t as simple as it is today; I trained under Terry Cryer (The fabulous Jazz photographer) and John Vickers (known as the ‘Old Vic’ of photography – he did much of the West End theatre photography).

I worked on the Stock Market (on my own behalf) for seven years, trading in options. Opened a bookshop, City Books in Hove (actually), it’s still going strong under the ownership of the people who bought the business from me Paul and Inga Sweetman.

I became a professional gambler and wrote an acclaimed book about horse racing – The Essential Guide to Backing Winners – took up poker and became the South of England Poker Champion, and for a short while reached the giddy heights of being ranked seventh in Europe.

Most importantly I met Emma, the love of my life, late in my life, Emma enhances every day of my life.

Before writing – The Truth About Food – I was a vegetarian for twenty five years.

I had a chance meeting with Richard Bandler (An absolute genius) who versed me in the art of Neuro Linguistic Repatterning. Check out my website,

If I were on mastermind my chosen subject would be the Great Depression and the Wall Street Crash.
I am fascinated by that period which produced an amazing generation of people.

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