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At Agio Publishing House, we produce GREAT books! Readers love them -- and the author enjoys a unique and supportive experience. See us at

In 1995, Agio's CEO BRUCE BATCHELOR rocked the publishing industry when he invented print-on-demand (POD) publishing and triggered a landslide of new books from every country in the world. Since then, more than 100,000 writers have seized the opportunity to be published, and the rate is accelerating. In 2010, an estimated 100,000 new authors used POD services such as AuthorHouse, BookSurge, iUniverse, Lulu, Trafford and Xlibris. Bruce was CEO of Trafford Publishing for 11 years building it to over $10 million in annual sales before it was acquired by Author Solutions Inc.

As a next step, Bruce has turned his attention to solving the rest of the puzzle: how self-publishing ("indie") authors can be successful in SELLING their books in cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly ways.
Agio Publishing House is his new solution.

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What do your fans mean to you?
It blows me away when someone reads one of my stories or books and then contacts me. I've had compliments from people in Germany and England, and of course across North America - wherever people live who are fascinated with the Yukon. Recently I was contacted by a dog musher in Willow, Alaska, who invited me and Marsha to come there for a dog mushing holiday. We'll speak to two musher associations and have a book signing in Palmer. What fun! THAT is what writing can do: connect people across space and time.
What are you working on next?
I have just published DOG TEAM TO DAWSON, about a trip in 1977. It is the prequel to my previously-published NINE DOG WINTER. I am thinking about a prequel to the prequel - even earlier stories.
Meanwhile I am editing and publishing other people's books at our publishing company, AGIO PUBLISHING HOUSE.
And, I am researching a book about strategic planning and being a director of a non-profit, co-op or business.
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