Aidan Brophilius


Aidan Brophilius was born in Mt Kisco NY into an Irish family and grew up in southeastern NY before joining the United States Military in his late teens. Since leaving the military his outlooks on life have dramatically changed and he has learned that peace, love, and knowledge are three of the most important things we have. He has become very successful in many fields and has written a number of short to medium length books to include "KNOWN ALIEN RACES - Beings from Outer Space and Beyond" and "PROJECT BLUE BEAM - The Quest For A New World Order And The Rule Of The Antichrist". Aidan Brophilius is very creative, he has a strong passion for gaining hidden or little known knowledge, and he also has interests in conspiracy theories and world events. He believes that in the not too far future he will become a bestselling author and artist of many creations including music!


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