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I began writing stories roughly thirteen years ago, after pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter in Denver and later in Nashville. My writing career could’ve been a brief one, as it started one night when it was my turn to read a bedtime story to my two young sons. Rather than read the ‘Mouse birthday book’ for the umpteenth time, I began a ramble about a mystical world parallel to our own, a world where sinister creatures sought to take a little boy into their hidden lair…forever.

My first critical reviews from my young audience were mixed. My youngest child, Tyler, was enthralled about the magical place I created, and eagerly awaited more. However, my oldest, Christopher, thought it was the dumbest tale he had ever heard! Luckily, my wife, Fiona, listened nearby. She thought the idea had potential, though she kept that fact a secret until the following spring, 1997. When she suggested I create a fuller blown version of this story, it marked the beginning of my love affair with writing stories.

I wish I could tell you that the experience has always been a glorious progression, where crafting characters, believable landscapes with captivating plots, and surprising twists was easy. Far from it. It took nearly three years for me to complete my first novel--based on the bedtime story to my boys who by then were young teenagers—and another two years to decide if I liked it enough to show it to anyone else. Signed to a small independent publisher in 2004, “The Forgotten Eden” enjoyed a brief run and received some acclaim upon its release in 2006.

While pursuing a book deal for my paranormal adventure series, The Talisman Chronicles, of which “The Forgotten Eden” and “The Devil’s Paradise” are the first two of five installments, an itch to dabble in something a little different hit me. A ghost story, and one dealing with a murdered teenage girl who waited nearly a century to enact her revenge became my next creation. Completed in 2007, “Cades Cove” was my second release on Kindle, available in August. The sequel to this ghost story soon followed in September, entitled “The Raven Mocker”.

“Deadly Night” was my very first Kindle release, in July, and is one of my latest books. Based on a fictional exaggeration of me and Fiona, “Deadly Night” is a mixture of ‘now’ and where we were 20 years ago as ghost hunters (and in my hard-hitting’ days as a Nashville rock n’ roller).

“The Vampires’ Last Lover” is my latest release. One that pushed the personal envelope for me, the story was written from a female perspective. Like Stephen King, when he wrote “Carrie” so many years ago, my wife provided precious insights into how women view the world around them, and in particular, their true perspectives on males—something I’m sure would surprise most of us guys. Anyway, as the first installment for my new “The Dying of the Dark” series, the story brings a fresh perspective to the vampire genre, focused on what it means to be unique and alone, both for the living and the undead, and how self sacrifice for the good of others remains the most noble aspiration for all creatures—above and below our beloved earth.

So what’s next?

Three more Talisman Chronicle books will eventually happen, along with spin-off novellas and one last full novel to complete the “Cades Cove Series”. Also, the sequel to “Deadly Night” beckons to be written (“The Ungrateful Dead). Yet, these projects will have to wait a little while, due to a brand new series that I am co-writing with the highly successful J.R. Rain. The focus of our collaboration is Judas Iscariot and his quest for forgiveness, and release from the bonds of immortality. The first book , “Plague of Coins”, should be available in early spring next year (2011).

After that, who knows?

Something dark and creepy… Or, perhaps something light and fun?

Just wait n’ see!



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