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  • Ki Book One on Sep. 18, 2013

    I am getting a little too obsessed with this writer now...I probably check whether there is a new book out whenever I can. This was no disappointment. Action, far off worlds, interesting plots and even more interesting it
  • Ghost of Mind Episode One on Sep. 27, 2013

    Arrrrgghhh!!! That is all I can say. The books by madam C. Bell are always amazing. The worlds of her imagination are vast and numerous. I just need to cut the words of praise short because I am going to read the next one now!
  • Ghost of Mind Episode Two on Sep. 27, 2013

    Now I have a problem...I finished both books too soon...and the next book couldn't come soon enough. The character development in this book has been amazing in the main character and you can't help but wish for a Helper too. This book pushes all the right buttons for me.
  • Magical Influence Book One on Oct. 06, 2013

    haven't read this book yet but i know i'll love it!!!!!!ha ha i love the fact that you rope me in with a free book and i end up getting the whole series!
  • Ghost of Mind Episode Three on Oct. 19, 2013

    I think this is my favourite series out of all of them! Alice is just the right kind of introvert with added spirit! I love that she continues to surprise us throughout and the characters really do drive the plot forward! Absolutely can't wait for more
  • Ghost of Mind Episode Four on Nov. 13, 2013

    I was not disappointed. I loved every moment of reading the 4th instalment of my favourite series by Odette C. Bell. Just one minute readjustment the end it says end of third book when it is fourth. I just can't wait for the fifth!
  • Witch's Bell Book Six on Jan. 07, 2014

    I am not going to write too much, I am just going to say that if you love this series as much as I do then you are not going to be disappointed.. I waited until assignments were finished and then sat down to enjoy this completely.
  • Wounded on Feb. 01, 2014

    Short review: I think I smiled the whole way through Slightly longer review: It had everything I wanted from a book at the moment. Suspense, romance and surprising amount of comedy intentional or not. I genuinely rooted for the main character who was funny and charming and interesting without having all the tropes of many modern fictional heroines (ie extraordinarily smart, strong or pretty). Perhaps we didn't get enough of a look into the other characters, who seemed to be interesting in their own rights, but I enjoyed the book the whole way through and thats all I ask.
  • Ghost of Mind Episode Five on Feb. 05, 2014

    I can't give the series anything less than 5 stars. My fanatic loyalty will not allow me. It is not a perfect series but I love it all the same. And all I can say is finally...although not quite finally as there is still a lot more to wait for...anyway enough with the rambling.Alice is amazing as always and this time Commander Doe hasn't been too shabby either.
  • Broken Episode One on Feb. 28, 2015

    Dammit I have been caught again!! another cliff hanger...must know more. Action packed as always and with another lovable mechanised sidekick...gotta love those flying robot oddballs. Just seeing a new story put up made my day! I also love the main character's pick myself up attitude and the fact that she can always surprise Josh. Hope you keep on writing Miss Bell.
  • Broken Episode Two on March 01, 2015

    Noooo too much off a cliff hanger! I was completely blind to whatever was going on for a few hours because I was so focused on this.
  • Pathfinder's Way on April 20, 2016

    Haven't enjoyed a fantasy book like this in a long time. The first half was so much fun to read because the characters and the heroine set such a good pace with great dialogue and chapters I would reread again and again. The second half was more suspenseful in a way and sometimes I wasn't sure if I liked the choices made by some characters but it all ended well. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this author.