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Don't let that scary author photo fool you--I'm really a nice guy. Okay, so I'm from New York, and some people from New York are a bit rough and tough, but what's wrong with that? Since I've now lived on the left coast almost half my life, I have a blended personality that's sometimes at odds with itself. So I'm a little schizophrenic. I talk to myself, argue with myself. (Is that a problem for you? Tough.)

See, that's what I mean. But here's where it can be a plus: I've channeled my New York half into my main character, Karen Vail, the first female FBI profiler. Vail debuted in The 7th Victim, and she returns in my new novel, Crush, which goes on sale 9/22/09. Crush is set in the Napa Valley, where Vail goes for a vacation following a rousing chase and shooting in front of the White House. Napa's a great place to relax and kick back, but the Crush Killer has other plans. And, damnit, that kind of spoils Vail's trip.

So lots of authors write about serial killers and FBI profilers, right? What gives me the creds to join that list? After all, the basic tenet of writing ingrained in all writers is to "write what you know." Well, back in 1994 when I returned to writing (after my chiropractic career was cut short), I knew nothing about profiling. Zip. But as fate would have it, while researching False Accusations at the Department of Justice's crime lab, I met an FBI agent who was on the waiting list for promotion to the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). We hit it off, stayed in touch, and a short time later he got the promotion. He invited me out to tour the FBI Academy and profiling unit--and thus began my education. Seven years later, after multiple trips to the BAU and countless hours upon hours of conversations with my friend and his profiler partner, I felt I owned the material well enough to begin writing The 7th Victim.

My suppressed New York upbringing emerged in the persona of Karen Vail--the sarcasm, the "attitude," the "Oh, yeah? I'll show you" sense of challenge.... And Karen Vail burst from the pages.

Vail works because she's real--she suffers from the things we all do: she makes mistakes, and despite meaning well, sometimes her emotions get the best of her and she screws things up. She makes friends and she makes enemies. And she puts her "all" into her work...sometimes to the detriment of her own well-being.

So check out The 7th Victim. It's fresh and different and exciting and engaging and emotionally gripping. Dare I say, thrilling? There's a lot packed into it. (And it's now available in paperback, so how can you go wrong?)

And don't forget about Crush--I can't wait to share it with all of you. (BTW, Crush just got a terrific review from Publisher's Weekly.) I had great fun writing it, scouring Napa for fascinating locales, story angles, characters, and settings to give you a ride you're not likely to forget. So sit back, crack the spine (sorry, a joke from my chiropractic days), and enjoy.

(Fine...if you're a Kindle user, rather than cracking the spine, press Home> Crush, and THEN enjoy.)


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