Alan Seeger


I was born in San Francisco, California, in 1959, to two transplants from Missouri. We lived in Denver, Colorado for a couple of years, and then moved to Oklahoma at the age of five, where I remained until I was about 37. I spent ten years in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas, and now I live on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, where I have been since 2007. What a journey.

I've been a writer since I can remember; I used to make up stories and fill spiral notebooks with them back when I was eight or nine years old.

Starting at the age of fourteen, music began taking up most of my time, and it stayed that way for the next thirty years or so, with the exception of the odd tale (and sometimes they were very odd tales indeed) now and then.

So here we are in the two thousand teens, and we still don't have Star Trek-style transporters, faster than light space travel, hotels at the L4 or L5 points of Earth's orbit, or even have Jetsons-style flying cars. What a letdown. Oh, well, at least we can read about them.

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