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Hello, I'm Alana Woods ... the intrigue queen.

I write because the people in my head won't let go until I tell their stories.

Take a walk on the wild side with Noel Valentine, the troubled heroine of IMBROGLIO, as she saves an unconscious stranger from a burning car in far north tropical Queensland. Travel with her as the aftermath sees her embroiled in the murky world of criminals, spiralling her into what looks to be no way out from her own destruction.

Make the acquaintance of Elisabeth Sharman, senior Legal Aid solicitor, as she battles overwhelming odds to save a 19 year old amnesiac from being convicted of murder in AUTOMATON. She's a loyal friend once you gain her trust. Get to know Robert Murphy, her very perceptive instructing solicitor, who knows there's something deeply wrong with the way she's handling the case but who's willing to give her the benefit of the doubt because he likes her.

And still in the throes of relating her tale to me is Jennifer Graham, a senior mergers investigator with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. She'll be introducing herself to the public at the end of the year with luck. So keep an eye out for her story in DRAGLINE.

I'm a storyteller from way back but not a prolific producer like other authors. It can take me years to be satisfied with the quality of a story and my telling of it.

Visit my website and send me an email. I'd love to hear from you. Let me know how you like my books.


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Smashwords book reviews by Alana Woods

  • The Heart's Discovery on Feb. 02, 2013

    Anjaline Rodriguez, born and raised in Quito Ecuador, is ripped at the age of 14 from all she holds dear by her anthropologist stepfather who takes her and her mother to live in Hope Valley, a remote settlement in British Columbia, Canada. She is an exotic flower from a sun-drenched country dropped into an alien land of cold and snow, and a small village of strangers including—as you would expect in a YA romance novel—several very attractive young males. Angeline experiences all the tortuous angst that every young teen alive has ever felt when she gives her heart to one of them. McGuire has a way of description that I like very much. Sparse but evocative. Few words paint the picture. Quito comes to life and you feel the bone-chilling cold of Hope Valley. She develops her principal characters nicely. There’s rather a lot about the physical attractions of the two mains but I guess that’s what teenagers tend to focus on, so it follows that any story involving them is also going to focus on that aspect. The ‘does he/she like/not like me’ begins early and continues for a major part of the book, but then that’s part of the conflict so resolving it too soon would have been awkward. McGuire has a nice writing style, it flows easily and for the most part without padding. I was less impressed with the amount of angst. Do teenagers really agonise quite SO much. Still, it’s a few—quite a few—years since I’ve been one, so I’ve probably forgotten. McGuire steers strictly away from anything controversial in the relationship area, keeping the book a safe but I imagine heart-stopping read for her intended audience of young adults, girls particularly. The closest she gets to the subject of sex (a word that is not used) is ‘His hormones were raging’ followed by a kiss. Chapters 1 to 10 are told totally from Anjaline’s point of view, after that multiple points of view take over but stay principally with Anjaline and her love interest. The book has everything: love, torment, happiness, tragedy and hope.