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  • Xenolith on Nov. 02, 2009
    (no rating)
    I've just been emailed by Smashwords and asked to review this book. I'm afraid I can't do that, since the ePub version I bought has double spaced lines - that is, there is a space between each line of text. I have so many books on my To Be Read list that I'll read them before trying to fix up Xenoliths. If I ever do I'll let you know. Regards, Alex
  • The Mystic Travelogues on June 05, 2011
    (no rating)
    I think this is a superb example of high quality ebook production, and it has an entrancing story as well. 10 out of 10. I intend to keep this book on my reader as an example of what to aim for. Alex Bell
  • Fast Times in Palestine on June 16, 2011

    I bought this book after reading the free sample. It is an excellent book written by an young American woman, telling of her first hand experiences in Palestine. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to find out the truth of the situation in Palestine. And as a bonus it's a very enjoyable, well written read.
  • The Blasphemy Tour on July 06, 2012

    I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand it enabled me to stretch my mind by grappling with alternative points of view, particularly about the relevance and basis for religious belief, and supported my own beliefs in the stupidity of war and of mindless patriotism. On the other hand the views expressed are selective, not to say bigoted, and express only one point of view. Some of the situations and events described seem unbelievable even for the US. And I think it weakens the case the author presents to use two people who have fried their brains with drugs as the protagonists. Worst of all, to someone who designs ebooks, is that plonked down in the middle of chapter one there is a several line shill from somebody or other offering his services as a proof reader.
  • Freedom Sailors on Aug. 26, 2012

    Full disclosure: I was part of the Gaza Freedom March in 2010 and saw Gaza with my own eyes, and was in Cairo in January 2011 with a CodePink delegation trying to get into Gaza again. So I clearly have opinions of my own. This is a superb book; if it was possible to give it a 10 star rating I would. It gives a vivid and moving account in many voices of the work, sufferings and hardships the 44 people on two small boats went through in 2008 to be the first to get into the world's largest concentration camp in Gaza, and of the suffering of the people there. And it gives a detailed review with abundant evidence of the real reason for their suffering - the Israeli government's theft of the vast reserves of natural gas in Gaza waters.